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What does wellness mean? It’s more than the occasional face mask, bath bomb, or massage, but a holistic commitment to achieving good mental and physical health. It’s about seeking a happy balance between mind and body, as well as learning how the two are often interconnected.  

For a lucky few of us, achieving that mind/body balance comes naturally without much outside help. But for many others, finding that harmony is all about figuring out what coping mechanisms work the best. Some drink to destress the mind, only to suffer through painful hangovers. Others seek help from various prescription medications, many of which present side effects that only introduce new problems.  

For us, the go-to wellness aid will always be cannabis. With proven medicinal benefits, there are a number of ways that weed can work to achieve your wellness goals. And since 2019 is rapidly approaching, there’s never been a better time to add cannabis into your wellness routine for the New Year.  

2018 was the year that  cannabidiol (or CBD) went mainstream, and it’s easy to see why. Without the psychoactive properties of THC responsible for weed’s high, CBD in its various forms can offer some of the physiological benefits of cannabis while keeping you clear-headed. With the ability to treat and manage everything from insomnia and anxiety to pain symptoms, CBD can be a trusted ally that improves your health outcomes in the year ahead.

CBD can be a major ally in a more pain-free lifestyle, especially when used topically. Try taking a nice hot soak in the comfort of your home with a CBD bath bomb, or you can use a CBD salve or body oil that’s massaged directly onto any achy areas.  

It can also be an ally in breaking unhealthy habits. Trying to quit smoking cigarettes?  Consider lighting up an herbal blend, or CBD pre-roll to get a fix that mellows out your cravings and leaves you feeling satiated without the nicotine and harmful additives.

If you’ve made it a goal to use more sustainable products, CBD and similar hemp derivatives can help out. Consider replacing toiletries that threaten the environment with hemp-based lotions, soaps, or skin serums that can cut down your use of plastics and other harmful chemicals.

And if you’ve made it your goal to get better sleep and/or manage your anxiety, CBD can be a crucial ally.  Try some gummies to take the edge off as you get ready for bed, or incorporate a couple drops of CBD under your tongue to start your morning, or puff on a CBD oil pen to cope with everyday work stresses while staying focused and productive.

That’s not to mention the trend towards integration of cannabis into fitness regimens, with weed playing a role in everything from managing muscle soreness during recovery to deepening the sense of calm and healing experienced during yoga. In short, the belief that cannabis is incompatible with a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle is just one of many things we hope the rest of the world will leave behind in 2018.

Of course, kickstarting a new wellness routine is a little bit easier with a friendly push from the people close to us. That’s why Puff Cards make for a fun way to encourage a friend or loved one to integrate cannabis in its various forms into their daily life. With a patented method for safely and securely gifting cannabis and a plethora of eye-catching designs, they make for a memorable way to put someone you care about on the path towards a better mind-body balance.

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