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The idea of giving cannabis as a gift may seem a bit taboo, especially to those living in states where cannabis is recreationally legal and easily purchased.  However, for a large majority of cannabis consumers the plant is not so easily accessed, and for the masses there is still much to learn.

In legalized states most people can walk into a dispensary, show ID, and leave with a basic knowledge of the products they purchased or gain a better understanding of what they were looking for in the first place with help from their bud tender.  But what about the people living in states where cannabis is still heavily believed to be a schedule 1 drug?  States where stereotypes are even stronger than the weed being consumed.

An untapped market for the green rush lays within gifting. Ever received a gift that truly opened your mind to a world of possibilities? A gift that uncovers hidden knowledge into the wellness community, or a gift that reveals a deeper understanding of oneself? The gift of cannabis holds these powers. Whether it be enhanced creativity, relief from anxiety, or pain management, there is an abundance of ways that cannabis can work for many.  

Not to say that everyone should be getting “high” or “smoking” but this is where gifting cannabis gets creative.  From flower, to oil, to edibles, CBD, THC, or THCA, the wonders of this plant run deep, and unless you’re an industry expert there’s most likely something new to learn.  

From CBD bath bombs, to infused gummies, or transdermal patches, there’s more than just flower that can be given to spark someone’s interest.  With the conversation shifting towards treating cannabis as wellness, there’s never been a better time to share how the plant can not only help but heal.  By gifting cannabis you can explore a world of possibilities for friends and family to better get to know themselves, or help to encourage them to live their best life.

It seems that lawmakers are beginning to understand this as Massachusetts; our nations newest recreational state has laws allowing gifting of cannabis products.

Pretty amazing right!? 

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